The Values that Carry Us There
Our Commitment and Values are the foundation for our culture. Our values guide every conversation with our customers, every decision we make and anchors our unique service offering in the markets we serve.
Customers First
AIslecom Commitment is to always put our customers first by providing excellent service and superb communications experiences. This is what we do and is the sole reason for our existence. By paying particular attention to our customers and being an accountable and socially responsible member of our community, we aspire to generate solid returns for all shareholders, build and replicate meaningful work for ourselves and most importantly provide a model company of lasting value for society. To keep strong to this commitment, it is imperative that we honor our core values:
We are guided by strong moral principles and honesty. Therefore, integrity is at the centre of everything we do. For Spice Mobile, trust and honesty is at the foundation of our relationships with our customers, our communities, our stakeholders and each other.
We practice respect at every level of our business. We champion diversity, welcome and embrace distinctiveness, listen carefully and respects the opinions of others.
Performance Excellence
We values high performance standards; we strive continuously for excellence; we encourages innovation through technology, teamwork and customer experience and service. We believe our best can be made better; to be better we firmly believes in pushing ourselves and accept new and cutting edged technology.
We believe that great companies are not judge by what they say, but what they do and how they do it. As a responsible organisation we take responsibility for our actions as individuals, as team members, and as an organization – were all responsible. We promise to strive together, strongly support each other and vows to never let the customer–or our co-workers–down.