Energy Management


Affordable Island Communications Inc. (AIsleCom) empowers small island states through telecommunications, IT, energy technologies, and agricultural biotechnology. As a Grenadian owned technology company, we connect people, nurture progress, and sustain the future, through innovative solutions that illuminate the path toward a brighter tomorrow.

Energy Technology Portfolio:

Affordable Island Communications Inc. (AIsleCom) harnesses over 25 years of expertise in renewable energy to deliver cutting-edge sustainable solutions to consumers. We specialize in Energy Efficiency (EE) measures and Distributed Photovoltaic (DPV) systems. Our comprehensive services encompass consulting, design, installation, and maintenance for both on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects. We have successfully partnered with notable clients such as Verizon Telecommunications, the Grenada GUT Community Center via the NTRC project, SpiceMobile Telecommunications, and numerous residential clients. Our energy technology division is led by a highly experienced electrical engineer with a master’s degree in the field and over 30 years of industry experience, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of innovation in the energy sector.

Elevate Your Energy Experience:

Solar and Wind Solutions: Transition to renewable energy with our industry-leading solar panels and wind turbines designed for maximum efficiency and reliability, even in the most challenging island environments.
Energy Management Systems: Utilize our smart energy solutions that monitor, control, and optimize your power usage, reducing costs and increasing efficiency without compromising on your energy needs.
Custom Installations and Energy Design Solutions: From initial design to final implementation, our tailored installations and bespoke energy design services ensure that your unique energy requirements are met with precision and care. We specialize in creating systems that are optimized for performance, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.
Energy Efficiency Services: Improve your energy consumption with our expert energy audits, retrofitting services, and energy conservation measures that ensure you use less energy while maintaining optimal performance.
Battery and Energy Storage Solutions: Enhance your energy resilience with our advanced battery systems and storage solutions, ensuring a reliable and continuous power supply even during off-peak hours.