Solar Power

We know solar.  We have completed several solar projects in Grenada and Barbados. Project sizes range from 10 panels to 100 panels.

We use solar at our telecom sites where the grid is not available. We have deployed grid-tie systems and off-grid systems for many customers.

We can assist with system selection (panels, batteries and inverters), installation and monitoring.

We have deployed Outback, Xantrex, Samlex, Trace and many more inverters.

Step 1: Energy Audits

We start with a comprehensive energy audit to analyze your current energy usage and pinpoint opportunities for efficiency improvements. This initial assessment helps tailor our approach to meet your specific energy needs.

Step 2: System Design
Based on the audit findings, we design a custom solar power system. This involves selecting the optimal components such as solar panels and inverters, and designing the layout to maximize energy capture and efficiency.

Step 3: Procurement & Installation Services
Our team of skilled technicians undertakes the installation of your solar system. We ensure that all components are installed safely, correctly, and in compliance with local codes and regulations.

Step 4: Online Remote DPV Installation and Monitoring
Utilizing advanced Distributed Photovoltaic systems, we provide online remote monitoring and management of your installation. This technology enables us to ensure optimal system performance and troubleshoot any issues from afar. Our Network monitoring solution includes additional cyber secuirty support.

Step 5: Maintenance and Support
We offer ongoing maintenance and support to maintain the efficiency of your solar system over its lifespan. Regular services include system check-ups, cleaning, and any necessary repairs or updates.

This structured approach ensures that each solar installation is handled professionally and efficiently, with a focus on maximizing the system’s performance and the client’s satisfaction. Our Telecommunication network is built with security by design allow for system to be safe from cyber intrusions.