AIsleCom delivers Solar powered ICT center to Gutt St. Andrew, Grenada.

April 16, 2019, Affordable Island Communications Inc. (AIsleCom) in collaboration with the national telecom services regulator (Grenada NTRC) built and delivered a solar powered ICT center to the community of Gutt, St. Andrew, Grenada.  The project was funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF) which is managed by the NTRC.  The $670,000 project will deliver ICT services and training to the surrounding communities.   Areas of training will include basic computing, coding and robotics.  The center is equipped with a suite of modern technology including smart boards, projectors, servers, desktop computers, video conferencing equipment, various robotics kits and broadband internet.   The project was designed to be self-sufficient with power provided by 50 solar panels installed on the roof.  The center will be managed by a local community-based group with collaboration with the Ministry of Education.