Affordable Island Communications Inc. (AIsleCom) is a one stop shop for all your communications needs.  We will help you source, set up and operate whatever platform you need to transmit or transport your voice and data from point A to point B. Even if point B is on the other side of the globe!


Spice Mobile – 4G LTE Mobile Data

AIsleCom operates Grenada’s first 4G LTE network.  We provide 4G LTE mobile data services via mobile phones, portable MIFI devices and desktop modems.  Customers can purchase or lease a 4G LTE device from Spice Mobile or bring their own device.  Plans and services can be purchased at one of our four stores (Grenville, Gouyave, Sauteurs, St. George) or from our field sales team.

Our 4G LTE services allow you to take your internet with you wherever you go.


Spice Mobile – Mobile Voice, SMS and MMS

We provide mobile voice, SMS and MMS services via our state-of-the-art CDMA EVDO network. Phones and services can be purchased at one of our stores or from our field sales team.


Spice Card – International Voice (

We provide international voice services via our Spice Card international calling card.  Customers can use this service from their home or office phone to make low cost international calls.   Customer can access the service using our toll-free number or short code 2255#.  Customer can sign up for new services and make payments via  Service can be used from Grenada and North America.


SIP Trunks

We provide premium A-Z voice services with direct interconnect to various international carriers. We support various codecs and easy interconnect to your exiting SIP gateway or IP PBX.   Complete setup and deployment within 24 hours.  We support flexible rate plans with per second billing.  This service is suitable for small businesses, enterprise, hotels and call centers.


Voice and SMS Termination

Through our direct interconnects we can terminate your voice and SMS traffic to any destination.  We have direct interconnects throughout the Caribbean, North America and Latin America.  We provide quality voice services at great rates with per second billing.



CPaas (Communications Platform as a service)

Need to to add voice, text, video or instant messaging capabilities to your website or application? AIsleCom’s cloud based CPaas suite can help.  Customers use our cloud based CPaas platform to quickly add communication capabilities to their applications.  This improves customer experience when interacting with your website or application.

Our CPaas platform allow customers to contact you directly from your web site using text, video, voice or instant messaging.  Use our CPaas platform to quickly add a phone number to your application.   Phone numbers for any country in the world can be obtained in a matter of minutes.  

AIsleCom’s CPaas APIs can be easily integrated into any existing website or application. 

Contact us today for a demo.



We provide various IP PBX platforms suitable for small business, large enterprise, hotels and call centers.  We also provide support for existing IP PBX deployments.

We support Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Elastix and several other platforms.


Enterprise WIFI

AIsleCom operates an Island WIFI network that consist of over 200 nodes.

If you need to deploy WIFI in your new or existing business, we can help.  We can source and set up whatever platform you choose.  We have years of experience deploying Ubiquti, Mikrotik, Proxim, Ligowave, Cambium, Cisco, Mimosa and many more.  WIFI platforms can be configured with user authentication and captive portal.


IOT (Internet of Things)

If you need to monitor or track an asset we can assist.  We can provide any size business with the ability to monitor or connect any device or machine to the internet.

We provide the following services:

  • Fleet (Car, Truck, boat and bus) tracking via OBDII port or standalone device.
  • Remote temperature or fire monitoring for data center, server room or shipping containers.
  • Remote generator status monitoring. Receive a service alert via email or SMS when the generator has an alarm.
  • Remote current monitor. View usage in real time and receive alerts when the grid goes out.
  • Security services: Remote camera monitoring and motion detection with alerts.


IP Transport

If you are an enterprise looking for connectivity anywhere around the globe AIsleCom can assist with pricing, setup and configuration. 

We facilitate direct connectivity to the NAP of Americas in Miami, 60 Hudson in NY and to other colocation centers around the globe.  

In the Eastern Caribbean we can provide you with up to 10 Gbps IP transport to North America.



Generators – Backup Power

We are the local dealer for Generac generators.  Generac has a line of air-cooled propane generators and liquid cooled diesel generators.


Propane air-cooled generators are suitable for home and office use.  They can run on existing 100lb propane cylinders that are popular in the Caribbean.  Air-cooled generators power output ranges from 8KVA to 20KVA.   Both single phase and three-phase units are available.


For larger deployments AIsleCom can supply liquid-cooled diesel generators that are suitable for small business and enterprise.   Liquid-cooled generators output power ranges from 15KVA to 150KVA.


Solar Power

We know solar.  We have completed several solar projects in Grenada and Barbados. Project sizes range from 10 panels to 100 panels.

We use solar at our telecom sites where the grid is not available.  We have deployed grid-tie systems and off-grid systems for many customers.

We can assist with system selection (panels, batteries and inverters), installation and monitoring. 

We have deployed Outback, Xantrex, Samlex, Trace and many more inverters.



If you need something in a hurry, we can help.  We specialize in sourcing technology gear.

We source networking gear, telecom gear, computers, communication equipment, solar power systems, power generation equipment and gadgets. 

In an emergency, we would fly in your equipment with one of our personnel in NY or Miami if your budget permits.

We ship weekly via Amerijet, Fedex, DHL and Caribtrans.  

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