AIsleCom Selects Star Solutions for LTE Expansion

Richmond, Canada, November 4, 2014 – Affordable Island Communications Inc. Has chosen Star Solutions to supply 4G LTE infrastructure equipment to add high speed mobile data services to its network. Using the latest wireless technology, including Star Solutions’ Sonata Evolved Packet Core (“EPC”) and iCell eNodeB, AIsleCom will enhance its wireless coverage capacity for 4G data rates and services to customers.

Working with Star Solutions enables AIsleCom to overcome key challenges in deploying wireless infrastructure: power consumption, scalability and space. The cost of electricity in Grenada is one of the highest in the world. Choosing the Sonata EPC platform enables AIsleCom to deploy the necessary LTE packet core network functions using compact (single rack unit) and energy efficient server platforms. The solution can be scaled as subscriber capacity and bandwidth demands increase by adding additional server systems. Key functions delivered in the Sonata EPC platform include the Mobile Management Entity (MME), the Serving Gateway (S-GW), the Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW) and the Home Subscriber Server (HSS).

AIsleCom brings high speed broadband services to Grenada using 4G LTE technology. “Our choice of Star Solution’s technology and services is critical to the expansion of high speed data services for customers,” says Dave George, owner of AIsleCom, Inc. The two companies have worked together to deploy a CDMA2000 mobile network in Grenada and this expansion emphasizes AIsleCom’s commitment in delivering the best-in-class service experience to its subscribers.

Jack Mar, CEO of Star Solutions says: “It is a pleasure to work with Aislecom again in introducing 4G LTE technology to Grenada. The AIsleCom deployment is another example of why the Star Solutions’ scalability and distributed network architecture is so well suited for this type of service rollout.”

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About Star Solutions
Star Solutions International Inc. is a leading supplier of mobile network infrastructure solutions with special focus on Rural/Remote, Enterprise, and Rapid Deployment/Disaster Recovery applications. Customers rely on Star Solutions’ innovative products and solutions, with rural wireless deployments in over 30 countries, onboard cruise ships cellular services worldwide, enterprise networks for mines and industrial sites, and military support and emergency communications around the world. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

PRIMAL TECHNOLOGIES Open Services Platform (OSP) Launches WIN Prepaid, SMSC and MMS with AIsleCom

Toronto, ON — November 25, 2013 — Primal Technologies announced today that the Primal Open Services Platform (OSP) is commercially deployed with Affordable Island Communications (AIsleCom) providing WIN Prepaid, SMSC and MMS. Primal Technologies’ OSP allows wireless carriers to leverage the OSP to offer a comprehensive set of leading edge features across a broad set of valued added services deployed as a turnkey solution. “Service providers are continually interested in seeing the most benefit on their capital investments. Along with many of Primal Technologies customers who have become references, we are pleased to be working with AIsleCom where we have deployed WIN Prepaid together with SMSC and MMS, complete with additional revenue generating features offering carrier-grade reliability, seamless migration, and a system that was installed cost effectively with minimal IT integration. Together AIslecom and Primal Technologies also partnered to deploy some innovative revenue generating features not commonly found in SMSCs in order to meet some additional business requirements that were important for Aislecom” said Greg Carlson, Director, Business Development at Primal Technologies. “We look forward to a continued relationship with AIsleCom for the many years to follow,” he continued.

Primal’ Open Services Platform (OSP) with its many applications can be connected to the SS7/TDM network and VoIP/SIP/IMS networks simultaneously. Other applications supported on the OSP include Advance Pay/Prepaid Service and other Value Added Services including SMSC, MMS Server, Visual Voicemail, USSD Services, Callback Service, 3GPP Diameter or RADIUS Online Charging Service (OCS), OTA, and an Equipment Identity Register (EIR), among other services. Primal OSPs can scale from several thousand to millions of subscribers allowing wireless, landline and cable operators to support 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE network technologies.

Primal Technologies’ WWW-based Skynet is used by AIslecom at point-of-sale to add new subscribers, manage subscriber’s bundles and other feature subscriptions. Additionally, WWW-based Skynet is also used to support customer care operations.

“When used together, both Primal Skynet and Skylight easily exceed telecom expectations for a simple, easily managed, and highly-focused turnkey solution that supports the creation of innovative rate plans and bundles including SMS, MMS, Data, and Unified Visual VM, among other features. Additionally, the OSP is easily managed from a central set of screens, and offers graphical statistics and reporting to track and report on traffic and subscriber usage, respectively” said Parker Stagg, Senior Developer at Primal Technologies.

About Primal Technologies Inc.
Headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Dallas, TX and Hong Kong, Primal Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of Advance Pay/Prepaid Service and a comprehensive set of value added services focused on making these services possible and profitable for a broad range of wireless, landline, and cable providers worldwide. The Company’s customer roster includes MTS Allstream, Mobi PCS, Pocket Communications, i Wireless, Peoples Wireless, CityWest, Bermuda Digital Communications, NorthWest Tel, CCT-BVI, Pulse Mobile, DTC, Crosstel Wireless, Cellular One and AIsleCom.

NTRC Funds Project to Provide ICTs for Persons with Disabilities

St. George, May 28, 2013 – The National Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (NTRC) wishes to inform the general public and all stakeholders that, through a competitive bidding process, Affordable Island Communications Inc. (AisleCom) has been awarded a contract to cover the procurement and installation of computer equipment and software and the provision of broadband internet service to persons with disabilities in Grenada.

The goal of this project is to increase the use of ICTs among persons with disabilities. This project will outfit the Grenada National Council of the Disabled (GNCD) and ten (10) other agencies which assist persons with disabilities in Grenada, with broadband internet services and computer equipment and software. This project will target persons who are visually impaired, the blind, and persons with autism. These devices will be equipped with special software specifically for persons with disabilities e.g. Braille keyboard for the blind. In addition, equipment will be provided to various schools for special education which includes software to assist persons with learning disabilities through visual aid. As part of the project, students in the schools for special education will have access to note takers and other equipment which can improve their ability to perform in the classroom, from taking notes to reviewing reading materials. Equipment will also be provided to aid students with autism in improving their communication skills. Thus this project will provide an opportunity to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in Grenada. Another component of the project, which will be provided by the Council of the Disabled, is training for persons with disabilities to utilize ICTs. Among the agencies to benefit from this project include:-

Grenada National Council of the Disabled
Resource Centre for the Blind
Society of friends of the Blind
St. Andrew School for Special Education
Spice Centre Victoria
School for Special Education
School for the Deaf
Dorothy Hopkin Home
Grand Anse Playgroup
Friends of the Mentally
Bel Air Home

The project for persons with disabilities is in keeping with the main goal of the Universal Service Fund to support the expansion of telecommunications networks and services throughout Grenada, with emphasis on unserved and underserved areas and user groups that do not currently have access to these services. The Contract is valued at EC $406,171.95. The duration of the agreement is two years after the procurement and establishment of equipment and services to the agencies.


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